Reviewer Options and Responsibilities

Option/Responsibility Menu Item Steps
Accept/Decline Invitation to Review (and view new submission or revision) New Reviewer Invitations
  1. View Abstract (unless you have already read it in your invitation letter)
  2. Click Agree or Decline to Review (if you click Decline, stop here)
  3. Click Pending Assignments
  4. Click View Submission (and download if desired)
View New Submission or Revision (if you have not already done so or are returning to the Web site) Pending Assignments Click View Submission (and download if desired)
Submit Review (of new submission or of revision) Pending Assignments
  1. Click Submit Recommendation
  2. Select recommendation from dropdown list on top left and complete review form
  3. Click Proceed
  4. Look over and edit review if desired
  5. Click Submit Review To Journal Office
Indicate Dates of Unavailability Update My Information (top-bar menu)
  1. Click Unavailable Dates
  2. Click Add New Unavailable Date
  3. Enter dates of unavailability
Letters You Receive
Reviewer Invitation for … Lets you know you are invited to review a submission (or a revision). Abstract is included in this letter for you to consider. Should you choose to review, you can either click a link inside the e-mail or sign in and proceed from your main menu.
Your Services on … Are No Longer Required If you do not respond to an invitation to review, a letter may be sent out indicating that your services are no longer required on this particular submission.
This table is intended as a ready reference to highlight the major functions of the Reviewer role. For more detailed information and instructions, please refer to the Online Reviewer Tutorial, which can be accessed from the Editorial Manager Homepage